Castillo de Feria

Top choice in Extremadura

Built from a preexisting Moorish fort by the powerful local Feria house, Feria's impeccably revamped 15th-century castle enjoys spectacular panoramas in every direction from its hilltop perch; climb up onto the roof of the Torre del Homenaje for the full view. Inside, spread over three floors, is the excellent Museo Señorío de Feria, with detailed Spanish-language displays on the Feria family and its other nearby castles. Note that there's no lift.

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Nearby Extremadura attractions

1. Puerta de Jerez

10.08 MILES

Guarding the western entry point to the old town is the Puerta de Jerez, part of Zafra's 15th-century wall.

2. Plaza Chica

10.11 MILES

Connected to Plaza Grande via a short walk under the arches, Plaza Chica is surrounded by terrazas (open-air cafes).

3. Iglesia de la Candelaria

10.12 MILES

This 16th-century church is worth a look for its fine altarpieces, featuring works by Francisco de Zurbarán.

4. Plaza Grande

10.14 MILES

The Plaza Grande and the adjoining Plaza Chica are both beautifully arcaded and ideal for soaking up Zafra life. The southwestern end of Plaza Grande,…

5. Convento de Santa Clara

10.26 MILES

Off Zafra's main shopping street, this imposing 15th-century Mudéjar convent is a working convent with cloistered nuns. Visitors can, however, explore the…

6. Bodegas Medina

12.47 MILES

Extremadura's only wine DO (Denominación de Origen) is Ribera del Guadiana. Just east of town, you can tour and taste on 45- to 90-minute visits at one of…

7. Iglesia de San Miguel

17.4 MILES

One of numerous exquisite churches sprinkled around Jerez de los Caballeros, the 15th-century Iglesia de San Miguel dominates the main plaza. Its…

8. Castillo de Jerez de los Caballeros

17.42 MILES

Jerez' 13th-century castle was built by the Templars, who refused to lay down arms when the order was suppressed, and came to a sticky end. You can wander…