Wooden walkway to the beach of La Flecha del Rompido.

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Flecha del Rompido


Possibly the most spectacular beach on Huelva's Costa de la Luz, this 8km-long sand bar along the mouth of the Río Piedras can be reached only by ferry, which keeps the crowds away, even in midsummer. The waters on the inland side remain calm, while the south side faces the open sea. Part of the Río Piedras wetlands reserve, it's a place of great ornithological and botanical interest.

From April to October, hourly Flechamar boats go to the Flecha from the port at the western end of El Rompido (23km southwest of Huelva). At least two daily buses go from Huelva to El Rompido (€2.35, 50 minutes).

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