Eastern Cape

Well-known mixed-media artist Diana Graham, a passionate environmental advocate, has created a concrete sculpture garden dedicated to the forces of nature. The images, which Graham will explain, cover the origins of the earth, and ecological and scientific themes. The property has beautiful views (when the haze in the valley has cleared off) and can be reached from the village centre by road or a forest walking trail.

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Nearby Eastern Cape attractions

1. Mirrors Gallery & Crystal Corner


Mirrors has a magical 180-sq-metre garden with a stone circle and labyrinth, a gallery of owner Ken's landscape photography, and a crystal shop.

2. Fairy Realm Garden

0.56 MILES

A 400m path winds past the garden's ponds, cascading water and over 80 fairy sculptures. It's a great place to relax.

3. Prayer Trail

0.71 MILES

This meditative path meanders through the garden of St Patrick on the Hill chapel.