• Currency Solomon Islands dollar (S$)

Daily Costs

  • Twin room in a resort S$1200
  • Two-course evening meal S$180
  • Ticket Honiara–Gizo (one-way) S$1380
  • Two-tank dive S$1300


A few ATMs in the major urban centres

Further Information

ATMs There are ATMs at the ANZ and Bank South Pacific (BSP) banks in Honiara, as well as in Auki, Munda and Gizo. Note that ATMs at BSP only issue cash advances against Visa (not MasterCard). ATMs at ANZ accept both Visa and MasterCard.

Credit cards The main tourist-oriented businesses, the Honiara branch of Solomon Airlines, a few dive shops and most upmarket hotels and resorts accept credit cards (usually with a 5% surcharge), but elsewhere it’s strictly cash. The most commonly accepted cards are Visa and MasterCard.

Currency The local currency is the Solomon Islands’ dollar (S$). A supply of coins and small-denomination notes will come in handy in rural areas, at markets, and for bus and boat rides.

Moneychangers The Bank South Pacific and ANZ will change money in most major currencies. There's also a bureau de change at the airport. Australian dollars are the best to carry, followed by US dollars. Euros are OK, but bank exchange rates are poor.

Taxes There’s a 10% government tax on hotel and restaurant prices, but more basic places often don’t charge it. All prices given are inclusive of tax.

Tipping and bargaining Tipping and bargaining are not traditionally part of Melanesian culture.

Exchange Rates

Australia A$1 S$7.41
Canada C$1 S$7.28
Euro €1 S$9.49
Japan ¥100 S$8.82
New Zealand NZ$1 S$5.83
UK UK£1 S$11.60
USA US$1 S$7.18

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