Must-see attractions in Victoria

  • Victoria, Seychelles - January 7, 2020: Tourists in front of Seychelles National History Museum
- National Museum of History, Housed in Victoria's restored colonial-era Supreme Court building (1885), this terrific museum opened in late 2018

    National Museum of History


    Housed in Victoria's restored colonial-era Supreme Court building (1885), this terrific museum opened in late 2018. While the architecture itself is worth…

  • Street setting, People walking along the Market Street in Victoria, Mahe Island, Seychelles

    Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market


    No trip to Victoria would be complete without a wander through the covered market. It's small by African standards, but it's a bustling, colourful place…

  • Kaz Zanana


    This gallery, in a traditional Creole wooden structure built in 1915 and restored in the 1980s, exhibits the work of George Camille, one of the Seychelles…

  • Elephant ear taro (Alocasia macrorrhizos), Victoria Botanical Gardens, Mahe Island, Seychelles

    Botanical Gardens


    The manicured botanical gardens, full of streams and birdsong, are about a 10-minute walk south of the centre. Star attractions are the coco de mer palms…

  • Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception


    This imposing cathedral is noteworthy for its elegant portal and colonnaded facade – the interior nave is long and airy with some stained-glass windows…

  • Domus


    The extravagant facade of the building immediately west of the cathedral belongs to the Domus – built in 1934 as a residence for Swiss missionaries, it's…

  • Clock Tower


    The focal point of the city centre is this downsized replica of the clock tower on London's Vauxhall Bridge. It was brought to Victoria in 1903 when the…

  • Sri Navasakthi Vinyagar Temple


    With its brightly painted decor, Victoria's small but eye-catching Hindu temple stands out among a row of nondescript buildings. It's used by the city's…

  • Liberty Monument


    Unveiled in 2014 to mark 38 years of independence, this eye-catching bronze sculpture is the work of British-born Seychellois artists Tom Bowers.

  • Natural History Museum


    The rather ramshackle Natural History Museum is worth a quick visit to learn about the islands' geology, fauna and flora.

  • Sheikh Mohamed bin Khalifa Mosque


    Tucked away from the main drag is this modern mosque, which serves Victoria's small Muslim community. It's at its busiest for Friday noon prayers.

  • Anglican Church


    Taking pride of place in the centre of town is the simple Anglican church, with its renovated facade and elegant tower.