Two miles south of Kirkwall's centre, on the shores of Scapa Flow, this is one of two Orcadian whisky distilleries and, though less famous than Highland Park, produces a quality, well-balanced, delicate malt. It offers a standard tour, which includes a dram, and an 'experience' tour (£20), which gives you three to taste and the chance to draw a dram from the cask. Call ahead to book a spot.

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1. Highland Park Distillery

1.14 MILES

This distillery, South of Kirkwall's centre, is great to visit. Despite a dodgy Viking rebrand, it's a serious distillery that malts its own barley; see…

2. Bishop's Palace

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Right opposite St Magnus Cathedral, the ruined but attractive Bishop’s Palace was built in the mid-12th century for Bishop William the Old. There’s a good…

3. Orkney Museum

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This labyrinthine display in a former merchant’s house gives an overview of Orcadian history and prehistory, including Pictish carvings and a display on…

4. Earl's Palace

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5. St Magnus Cathedral

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6. Kirkjuvagr Orkney Gin

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7. Orkney Wireless Museum

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This curious little museum is jam-packed with old radios and war memorabilia. Mostly local in character, it's an impressive collection.

8. Waulkmill Bay

3.72 MILES

If it’s sunny and you’re thinking about a picnic, head to Waulkmill Bay, between Kirkwall and Orphir. The huge sandy beach is perfect for strolling and…