Jubbah Rock Carvings

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This is arguably the Kingdom's premier pre-Islamic site and open-air art gallery. Covering an area measuring 39 sq km are some of the most impressive petroglyphs (rock carvings) you are likely to ever see. The finest carvings date from around 5500 BC, when much of this area was an inland lake and inhabitants carved game animals that came to the waters. Elegant rock-cut ibex, oryx and camels abound, as well as significant Thamudic inscriptions dating to 1000 BC.

The site is at the northwestern edge of the city of Jubbah and is signposted from the centre of town. Access is next to a new visitors centre. Jubbah is 100km northwest of Hail and a visit can easily be done in a day by car. Visitors arriving at the weekends should phone or email ahead to ensure the site is open.

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