Edge of the World

Saudi Arabia

This is a spectacular spot where you can stand on the edge of a sheer precipice, stare out across a dry, barren valley floor and feel like you're at the very edge of the world. The ridge snakes away for several kilometres on either side and can be walked in parts, though the most popular spot is close to the tall, sculpted, needle-like pillars. It's particularly atmospheric at sunrise and sunset. You'll need a 4WD and someone who knows the way to get here.

This is not an easy place to get to: the off-road drive is treacherous, through uneven terrain that dips steeply several times and is completely unmarked. Take Hwy 535 out of Riyadh and join Route 5762 to the town of Sadus, then take a left towards Sadus Dam (signposted in Arabic only). Just before the dam, you will see a dirt road leading off to the right; follow this for the next hour or so. This is not a developed site, and there are no amenities for miles. If you do make the trip, avoid doing so in the dark as it is easy to get lost.