Museum of the Northwest Front

Western European Russia

Ardent historians may want to check out this small but intensive museum dedicated to the local WWII effort.

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1. Regional Museum

0.13 MILES

Housed in an attractive whitewashed 12th-century monastery, this museum offers the usual historical displays and religious relics, including some…

2. Kartinnaya Gallery

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On the grounds of a 12th-century monastery, this gallery houses a noteworthy selection of paintings and sculptures by artists who spent time in Staraya…

3. Resurrection Cathedral


Sitting on the banks of the Polist River is this gorgeously restored 17th-century cathedral painted in red.

4. Dostoevsky Cultural Centre

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This handsome little neoclassical building hosts temporary Dostoevsky-centric exhibitions, as well as exhibitions of Russian artists, and events dedicated…

5. Church of the Holy Martyr Mina

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If you like your churches photogenically abandoned, this one's for you. Legend has it that in the 17th century, Swedish invaders sought refuge in the…

6. Dostoevsky House Museum

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The author’s family lived on the 1st floor of this riverside dacha, which contains many original pieces. Dostoevsky’s bookcase is still stocked, and his…