Panorama Museum Battle of Stalingrad.

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Panorama Museum of the Battle of Stalingrad


This enormous museum has eight large display rooms filled with exhibits on WWII and the Battle of Stalingrad. There's little English signage but each room has a short synopsis in English on the room's particular theme. Audio headphones are available for a fee. A highlight is the vivid 360-degree Battle of Stalingrad Panorama. The museum is close to the Volga River, several blocks north of alleya Geroyev. The entrance is located at street level on the side of the building facing the Volga.

The area around the museum has some pretty views out over the river and plenty of old tanks and planes for kids to climb around on. Next to the museum stands the remains of an old mill, dating from 1903, that was destroyed in the battle. It's left standing as a reminder of the horrific fighting.

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