Private Garden

Laid out in the late-18th century by Vincenzo Brenna for the private use of the royal family, the Private Garden is a charming place to stroll, full of sculptures, flowers and neatly trimmed hedges.

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1. Gatchina Great Palace

0.06 MILES

Shaped in a graceful curve around a central turret, the Gatchina Great Palace certainly lives up to its name – its enormous (if surprisingly plain) facade…

2. Gatchina Park

0.21 MILES

Gatchina Park is more overgrown and romantic than the other palaces’ parklands. The park has many winding paths through birch groves and across bridges to…

3. Venus Pavilion

0.34 MILES

Down on the lake, the Venus Pavilion juts out into the water and has an elaborately painted interior.

4. Pokrovsky Cathedral

0.41 MILES

This red-brick building with bright blue domes is an important Gatchina church.

5. Birch House

0.44 MILES

Built as a surprise present from Maria Fyodorovna to Paul I, the Birch House has a rough facade made of birch logs, but the interior is actually very…

6. Pavlovsk Cathedral

0.72 MILES

This baroque cathedral can be found at the end of the pedestrianised shopping street off the central pr 25 Oktyabrya. It has a grandly restored interior…

7. Marble Bridge

14.11 MILES

A striking bridge made of Ural marbles that was built in 1774.

8. Turkish Bath

14.12 MILES

With its minaret and mosaic-covered interior this pavilion perched over the water was meant to resemble a mosque. The building closes during bad weather.