Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

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The 1898 Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is a red-brick Byzantine-style building with gilded domes and colourful murals. The cathedral was originally built as a monument in honour of Tsar Alexander III who had initiated the construction of Novosibirsk. It was shut by the Soviet authorities in 1937 and only re-opened in 1989.

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1. State Art Museum

0.11 MILES

The highlight is the museum's collection of 65 original paintings by Nikolai Rerikh on the 2nd floor, mostly mountainscapes from the celebrated drifter's…

2. Monument to First Traffic Light

0.19 MILES

This humorous monument portraying a stumpy little man staring up at a bendy traffic light is based at the rumoured site of the city’s first ever traffic…

3. N.K. Rerikh Museum

0.23 MILES

This museum is dedicated to the works and life of the painter Nikolai Rerikh (Nicholas Roerick), beloved in these parts because of his life-long passion…

4. Chapel of St Nicholas

0.45 MILES

The pretty little Chapel of St Nicholas was said to mark the geographical centre of Russia when it was built in 1915. Demolished in the 1930s, it was…

5. Novosibirsk State History Museum

0.58 MILES

In an elegant mansion, the State History Museum has recently re-opened after renovations and is now by far the best museum in Novosibirsk. The well…

6. USSR Museum

0.62 MILES

While the collection of '70s Soviet bric-a-bric in this museum isn't particularly original, you get free rein over the place, which means photo-ops galore…

7. Lenin Statue


This is a particularly dashing statue of Lenin wearing a flapping coat. He's flanked by waving partisans vainly trying to direct the chaotic traffic.

8. Cathedral of the Ascension


The gold-domed 1914 Cathedral of the Ascension has a wonderful, colourful interior with a soaring central space that’s unexpected given its fairly squat…