Japanese POW Memorial

Russian Far East

This small monument is dedicated to the memory of the Japanese prisoners of war who were forced to work building the BAM after WWII.

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Nearby Russian Far East attractions

1. WWII Mosaic

0.39 MILES

An impressive mosaic devoted to the memory of the Soviet soldiers who died during the Second World War.

2. WWII Memorial

0.43 MILES

Just northwest of the river terminal is the impressive WWII memorial, which features stoic faces chipped from stone, with nearby pillars marking the years…

3. Beach


Just east of the river terminal is a beach, which is well attended on warm summer days.

4. Municipal Museum of Regional Studies

0.52 MILES

This proud town museum has several rooms of photos and artefacts showing how Komsomolsk rose from a pioneer camp in 1932 to an industrial Soviet city. It…

5. Nauka Mosaic

1.08 MILES

This wonderful mosaic devoted to nauka (science) can be seen at the Polytechnical Institute, a block east of Hotel Voskhod.