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The cottage doesn't really resemble a cottage and is also rather tellingly referred to as the Cottage Palace. It was created for Nicholas I's wife, Alexandra Fyodorovna, who found the pomp of court life hard to bear and preferred a simpler lifestyle when staying at Peterhof.

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1. Farmer’s Palace

0.14 MILES

This palace was the summer residence of Alexander II and his family. Alexander spent much of his childhood here, and loved the place, which began as a…

2. Gothic Chapel

0.26 MILES

This Schinkel–designed 1829 church functioned as the Romanov family's chapel when they were at Peterhof.

3. Park Alexandria

0.34 MILES

Even on summer weekends, the rambling and overgrown Park Alexandria is peaceful and practically empty. Built for Tsar Nicholas I (and named for his…

4. Bath Building

0.81 MILES

In the complex of Monplaisir, this was built over various periods. Although the interior isn't spectacular, it does provide insight into life among the…

6. Monplaisir

0.87 MILES

This humble, sea-facing, wood-panelled villa was always Peter the Great’s favourite retreat and it’s easy to see why. It is snug, elegant and peaceful,…

7. Catherine Building

0.88 MILES

Built by Rastrelli between 1747 and 1755, this building was where Catherine the Great was living when her husband Peter III was overthrown, paving the way…

8. Orangery


A former greenhouse that today houses a simple restaurant.