Lik Khrista

A modern replica of a Byzantine style stone chapel marks the spot on the main road from where pilgrims climb a set of metal stairs to view this ancient rock painting of the face of Christ. The image, also known as the Arkhyz Saviour, is believed to be as old as the nearby 10th-century Zelenchuksky Churches.

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1. Zelenchuksky Churches

0.34 MILES

These three 10th-century Byzantine-style stone churches are thought to be located in what was once the capital of Alania, a Christian state destroyed…

3. Kara-Kel Lake

22.04 MILES

You can swim, fish and rent boats at this small lake bordering the main road running through Teberda.

4. Shoana Church

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Around 7km north of Karachayevsk, a dirt road leads uphill from the Ossetian village below to this early 10th-century Alanian church, one of the oldest,…