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Peso da Régua

Gateway to the Alto Douro, the sun-bleached town of Régua abuts the Rio Douro at the western edge of the demarcated port-wine region. As the region’s largest riverside town, it grew into a major port-wine entrepôt in the 18th century, and remains an important transport junction – thanks in part to the hulking IP3 bridge that soars overhead.

The town itself, set along a busy highway above the river, doesn’t have a lot of charm. Most visitors stop in just long enough to visit the excellent Museu do Douro and get recommendations, maps and directions to nearby wineries. For those who linger, Régua makes a convenient base to visit the port-wine country, cruise the Rio Douro and take a scenic riverside train ride. Most tourists stick to the scenic riverfront, but the quaint old town one block uphill is an almost exclusively local scene, and well worth a wander.

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