Wigry Museum

Mazovia & Podlasie

This large museum has exhibitions on the flora and fauna to be found in the park and lake. It's near a public beach and pier with fine views of the monastery.

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1. Wigry National Park

0.09 MILES

On the northern edge of Augustów Forest, Wigry National Park is home to a Podlasie highlight: Lake Wigry. At 21 sq km, the lake is the largest in the…

2. Camaldolese Monastery

0.61 MILES

Spectacularly located on a peninsula of the lake is this former Camaldolese monastery, built by the death-obsessed Camaldolese monks soon after they were…

3. Cemetery


One way to get a flavour of the town's former ethnic mix is to visit the sprawling cemetery about 1km west of the tourist office. It comprises several…

4. Church of St Mary

11.23 MILES

The proud two-towered silhouette of this church dominates the town from its northern end. It dates from the 1610s, but the facade was thoroughly…

5. Suwałki Landscape Park

14.81 MILES

The Suwałki Landscape Park is a cluster of pristine lakes and rugged hills that's worth a detour. Covering some 63 sq km, the park encompasses land that…

6. Regional Museum

16.42 MILES

Augustów's regional museum is housed in two locations. The most interesting collection is dedicated to the history of the Augustów Canal and is housed in…