Świat Ojca Mateusza


Ojciec Mateusz (Father Matthew) is a long-running Polish TV serial about a mystery-solving priest. Set in Sandomierz, some exterior scenes are shot in town, although most is produced on soundstages in Warsaw. This museum is a de facto shrine to the show and it's blue-eyed star, the hunky Artur Żmijewski. If you're a fan, you'll love this attraction, if you don't know the show, it'll all be a, yes, mystery.

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1. Town Hall

0.03 MILES

Sandomierz's town hall was built in the 14th century and is the oldest building on the Rynek; the white clock tower was added in the 17th century and the…

2. Underground Tourist Route

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A 40-minute guided tour (in Polish) leads through a chain of 30-odd cellars tidily connected over 500m beneath the Old Town. The cellars – originally used…

3. Opatów Gate

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5. Diocesan Museum

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7. Krzyżtopór Castle

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The minute village of Ujazd (oo-yahst), some 35km west of Sandomierz, is home to arguably Poland’s most bizarre ruin. Krzyżtopór Castle was commissioned…