Julia Campbell Agroforest Memorial Park

The Cordillera

In the Pula barangay of Asipulo town, the 48-hectare organic coffee farm, Bantai Civet Coffee, is a WWOOF (www.wwoof.com.ph) project that specialises in a rare and expensive type of coffee derived from the excrement of the coffee-bean-eating civet. The farm is part of the Julia Campbell Agroforest Memorial Park, named after the US Peace Corps volunteer who was murdered locally.

Volunteers and visitors can stay in a small Ifugao village (P300).

Jeepneys to barangay Pula (P80, two hours) run from Lagawe via Kiangan.

Whereas most commercial coffee plantations are on clear-cut plots, here trees have been planted amid natural forest. It is precisely this natural environment that draws shade-loving civets, which means the farm has both an economic and an ecological motive for preserving native forest.