Calauit Safari Park

Busuanga & the Calamian Islands

Just off the northwestern tip of Busuanga, African megafauna roam on Calauit Island. Species include 25 or so giraffes and about 35 zebras. Both species are easy to spot. Antelope species are here too, but sightings are less reliable. You'll also see lots of Calamian deer, repatriated to Calauit from mainland Busuanga to prevent poaching. Private boats to Calauit (five minutes) leave from Macalachao, 7km north of Buluang, and cost P400 round-trip.

Ferdinand Marcos brought the African animals here from Kenya in 1976 to help with conservation efforts. Today most animals are third or fourth generation.

There is also a mini zoo at the reserve where Palawan porcupines, pythons and a few other animals are kept.

It’s possible to spend the night in a basic room at the park, or to camp with your own tent. Either option costs P350 per night.

Macalachao is 80km north of Coron town and the road is sealed the whole way.