A bustling small town 12km southwest of Piura, Catacaos is the self-proclaimed capital of artesanía (handicrafts) in the region. And justifiably so: its arts market is the best in northern Peru. Sprawling for several blocks near the Plaza de Armas, the market has traditional sombreros, excellent weavings, gold and silver filigree jewelry, wood carvings, ceramics (including lots of pieces from Chulucanas), leather goods and more. Weekends are the best and busiest time to visit.

Catacaos is also famed throughout the region for its food, so it's a good idea to shop early before sampling seco de chavelo (mashed green plantains with dried meat) or arroz con pato (duck with rice) in one of the many traditional restaurants.

Colectivos leave frequently for Catacaos (S3, 15 minutes) from Av Loreto in central Piura from 6am to 7pm. Slower local buses leave from near the market, but are not really worth the hassle.

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