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Note that the town, the archipelago and the province all share the name Bocas del Toro. To avoid confusion, we refer to the provincial capital as `Bocas town' or simply `Bocas.'

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$63 Water Sports

Full-Day Speedboat Tour, Wildlife, and Snorkeling in Bocas del Toro in Panama

The full-day speedboat tour will start at 10:00am, please arrive at 9:30am for check inThe first destination will be Dolphin Bay where you will be able to enjoy watching the dolphins in their natural habitat. The dolphins of Bocas del Toro seem to have a special predilection for the bay locally known as Laguna Bocatorito (Dolphin Bay), which is about 12 km south of Bocas Town (about 30 minutes by boat). This bay is bordered by the east side of Cristobal Island and an odd-shaped peninsula from the mainland. A labyrinth of shallow channels formed by mangroves screens its northern entrance, helping to make it a kind of giant natural aquarium, six kilometers across at its widest. Next, you will head to Coral Cay where you will be able to enjoy a typical Caribbean-style lunch (not included) and snorkel the world famous Garden Reef. The sea here is calm year-round, which makes it suitable for snorkelers of all ages, and the abundance of tropical fish, coral heads and colorful sponges will keep experienced divers entertained as well. On the typical Caribbean day with lots of sunshine and light blue skies, the waters of Coral Cay are of luminous emerald green and make the perfect holiday postcards. There are four restaurants on this cay built on stilts over the water, so most visitors will order some fresh sea food before heading out to snorkel  a delicious meal will be awaiting for them once you're back. The food is simple but fresh and flavorful. Once you are done with lunch, you will head to Zapatilla Cays. These pristine islands fall under the protection of the Isla Bastimentos National Marine Park because they are the nesting grounds for the Hawksbill sea turtles, the Zapatillas Cays are two stunning islands that emerge from a coral platform and are surrounded by tropical coral reef. About a 30 minute boat ride from Coral Cay (roughly 8 kms), the Zapatillas Islands are generally considered the most beautiful islands of the Bocas del Toro Archipelago and offer visitors pristine white sand beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters and some of Panama's most attractive coral reefs. Sloth Island is where you will be able to enjoy watching the Sloth in their natural habitat. You will then head to Hollywood Beach where you will find the biggest selection of multicolored Starfish that Bocas del Toro has to offer. You'll return to Bocas Town to conclude your tour around 4:30pm.

$41.50 Transfers & Ground Transport

Transfer from Bocas del Toro to Puerto Viejo

Includes: boat from Bocas, ground transportation in air-conditioned van, a guide to help you cross the border and drop off at your hotel in Puerto Viejo, (Cahuta, Manzanillo & Punta Uva extra). Daily departures at 6 am, 8 am & 12 noon. Getting to and from Panama and Costa Rica has never been easier. We take care of everything. From Bocas Del Toro, we will pick you up at the Bocas Marine Tours dock on Main street in the heart of Bocas Town. You will take a 30 minute boat ride past some beautiful islands and mangroves to Almirante, where you will board one of our air conditioned late model shuttle vans direct to the border. From there we have our guide assist you with the immigration process leaving Panama and checking into Costa Rica. Duration: 4 Hours (approx.)

$73 Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours

Bocas del Toro Catamaran Snorkeling Tour in Panama

After pickup at the dock in Boteros de Bastimentos, board your catamaran for a 7-hour guided tour. You will sail slowly while experiencing the tranquil vibe that makes Bocas del Toro so special. Cruise through the mangroves to observe dolphins and anchor at two largely unexplored but abundant coral reefs.Your first stop is in Dolphin Bay, where you will have the opportunity to observe wild bottlenose dolphins in their natural habitat. At each snorkeling  stop, don your gear and explore a colorful reef full of sea sponges, sea anemones, and a variety of starfish (sea stars) with your guide.After a lunch break, continue toward Isla Solarte (Solarte Island, aka Nancy's Cay) and snorkel at another spectacular reef teeming with colorful fish and large coral heads. Finish with the return trip back to port.

$66 Water Sports

Small-Group Speed Boat and Snorkel Tour from Bocas del Toro

The dolphins of Bocas del Toro have a special predilection for the bay locally known as Dolphin Bay. This bay is bordered by the east side of Cristobal Island and a peninsula from the mainland. A labyrinth of shallow channels, formed by mangroves, screens its northern entrance, helping to make it a kind of giant natural aquarium, six kilometers across at its widest.One of the most famous snorkeling spots in Bocas de Toro, Crawl Cay, is a tiny island located in the channel between Bastimentos and Popa Island. Crawl Cay is surrounded by lush coral gardens.There are restaurants on this cay built on stilts over the water, so most visitors will order some fresh seafood before heading out to snorkel. Upon their return, a delicious meal will be awaiting them.The food is simple, but fresh and flavorful. The next destination is Red Frog Marina, a 15-minute hike across the narrowest point of Bastimentos Island allows you to reach Red Frog Beach. Red Frog is one of the more accessible beaches, and the only one with facilities including restaurants and bathrooms. Hospital Point is one of the most accessible sites for snorkeling. There are a few homes behind Hospital Point, and also a small indigenous community, but most of the island is covered with rain forest.

$63 Water Sports

Speed Boat tour to Mangrove Point -Starfish Beach -Bocas del Drago and Birds Island

Our trip begins with Mangrove Point, located near Saigon Bay close to a thick patch of mangrove  over a shallow marine plain with a sunken ship making your snorkeling experience even more interesting. Our next destination will be Starfish Beach, famous for its abundance of starfish. Its waters are crystal clear and very calm during most of the year (Please do not take the starfish out the water). Next we will arrive at Bocas del Drago, a pleasant beach with beautiful landscapes, with cabins for lodgings and restaurants with exquisite dishes typical of the Caribbean. In this area the beach has crystal clear calm waters . The beauty of this particular beach is due, in part, to its isolation and low island population.  Finally we arrive at Birds Island also known as Swans Cay, Birds Island receives this name because when looked at from afar, it has a resemblance of a large bird in a crouching position eating from the ground. Swans Cay, is place of singular tourist interest because of the great amount of species of native migratory birds that nest among the many shelters that it offers to these animals.

$63 Cultural & Theme Tours

Bocas Cacao Farm Tour

The adventure begins with the boat ride from town, which brings you down through beautiful Dolphin Bay. You may even be lucky enough to spot some of the resident dolphins on the way. When approaching Green Acres you will observe from a distance the lush botanical gardens surrounding our home. Before we "hit the trail", your Chocolate Farm tour will begin with a brief history of the property and the farm. We will then make our way along an easy to moderate, well worn path through the rainforest. Our tour guide will spend time pointing out indigenous trees and medicinal plants and explain how many traditional Indian uses are still in practice even to this day. You will see the extensive plantation of cacao trees and get to open a pod straight from the tree as you learn more about cacao and our farming methods. The highlight is the visit to our "chocolate factory". Here you will see the cacao at various stages of it's production, as it ferments and dries prior to its transformation into our 100% organic chocolate, nibs and other sumptuous products. No sugar is added and no cocoa butter is removed. We will also tell you lots of interesting facts about chocolate and it's health benefits! We end the journey back at the house where you will have the opportunity to chat and ask questions while taking a cool drink and, of course, trying samples of our homemade chocolate products. All of our products are available for purchase.