Central Library

Southern Punjab

Next door to the Bahawalpur Museum, this fine building houses a well-stocked Central Library. The foundation stone was laid by the then viceroy, Sir Rufus Daniel Isaacs, in 1924. The garden is very restful.

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1. Bahawalpur Museum

0.03 MILES

Displaying items ranging from calligraphy to artefacts from Moenjodaro, Cholistan and Harappa, Bahawalpur Museum, less than 1km southeast of Farid Gate.

2. Jami Masjid al Sadiq

0.67 MILES

This beautiful mosque, built just prior to Partition, is in the heart of the town's central main bazaar area. It serves as Bahawalpur's major Friday…

3. Zoo

0.78 MILES

Established in 1942, the Zoo would have to be one of the best kept in Pakistan. It houses more than 700 different animal species including leopard, lion,…

5. Durbar Hall

0.88 MILES

Durbar Hall was once used as the royal court of audience.

6. Dubai Palace

1.22 MILES

Off limits to the public, Dubai Palace belongs to the Amir of Dubai, who sometimes uses it as his base for winter falconry sorties into Cholistan. Rumour…

7. Nur Mahal


Built in 1885 in Italian style, Nur Mahal was the grandest of the Abbasis' residences and now houses some of their antiquities.