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Saipan in a Day-Amelia Earhart tour

In this tour you get a mix of Saipan's culture, WWII history, natural beauty, AND a little extra focus on Amelia Earhart's connection to Saipan!"Amelia Earhart was imprisoned and died on Saipan." Yes, many people believe it's true.As we all know, many truths of history and particularly those that involve war are never admitted to the public until years later. (think: foreknowledge of Pearl Harbor; "attack" on Lusitania) And while it may not yet be acknowledged by official government sources at this time, we, many of the residents of Saipan, don't need validation because of the numerous, documented and credible eyewitness accounts, research by experts and historians who arrive on Saipan and then arrive at the unmistakable conclusion: Amelia Earhart was captured, imprisoned and executed on the island of Saipan.

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Tinian Enola Gay to Hiroshima tour

It would be a shame as well as simply a missed opportunity to come all the way across the world to Saipan, to be so close, and not set foot on the soil of the island from which the Enola Gay took off on its fateful trips to Hiroshima and Nagasaki on missions that changed the course of human history. Experience the stark contrast that exists between then and now (Tinian airfield was the busiest airfield during the entire war), and how this now eerily quiet, remote little piece of rock is fading in people's memories when it is of such critical significance to human history. You will be taken to the main historical sites on Tinian: the bomb pits, the runway from which the Enola Gay took off; The "North Field" which holds significant Japanese and American historical artificats. You will also see and touch life-sized replicas of the atomic bombs, "Fat Man" and "Little Boy." You will also take a trip into the village to see the cultural sites, the House of Taga (legendary chief of modern day Chamorro); and the sites of the largest latte stone pillars in existence as well as Shinto shrines. Here's how it typically goes: • 6:15am: hotel pickup and drive to commuter airport• 7:00am departure and 11 minute flight to Tinian• 7:30-1:15pm noon: all-island tour• 1:30pm departure to return to Saipan• Hotel drop off or see more of Saipan

$299 Private & Custom Tours

Saipan in a Day-World War II Pilgrimage Tour

I'll pick you up at your hotel promptly at 8:45am. We'll start at the American Memorial Park promptly at 9:00am, and proceed by 4-wheel drive vehicle around the entire island. I'll drop you back at your hotel or any other location desired. If arriving on Saipan just for the day, I can pick you up at the airport (typically an 8:05am flight from Guam), give you a tour of the island and get you back for outbound check-in by 4:00pm) Uniquely situated relics  You will see partially-submerged tanks, hidden guns still visible throughout the island from the actual beaches of the American attack on Saipan. Last Command Post  You will see and walk through the Last Command Post, a strategically located and fortified mountain cave and outlook from where Japanese commanders directed the troops during the American invasion. Suicide Cliff  As American forces neared victory on Saipan, thousands of Japanese civilians chose death over the shame of surrender, leaping from the high cliffs onto the jagged rocks below. Efforts by US Marine translators to convince the Japanese people not to jump proved fruitless. Approximately 1,000 Japanese civilians committed suicide in the last days of the battle to take the offered privileged place in the afterlife (offered by Emperor Hirohito). Bother Suicide Cliff and Banzai Cliff have peace memorials and monuments honoring those who died. OPTIONAL: AN AMAZING PRIVATE COLLECTION: Saipan native, Fabian Indalecio, does all of this collecting as his passion and finances it all from his own resources. You'll see dozens of guns, helmets, shell casings, propellers, flame throwers and much, much more that Fabian has collected since the 1990s! It's the only Battle of Saipan collection known to exist.

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Stargazing Tour Saipan

A backyard astronomer, "Tommy" will be your guide speaking in English, Korean, and Japanese. First of all [1] Pick/Up will be made at any designated hotel in Saipan. Then move to the site : 30minute. Then, It is a show time!  [2] Stargazing time : 120minute. Tommy will provide [2.1] *Laserpointing on the stars and constellation with starhopping [2.2] *Commentary and Observation the planets, stars, moon, constellations, the milky way using NATGEO binocular(every night) and computerize telescope NEXSTAR SE (dry night). There will also be [2.3] *Star backgrounded photo time using DSLR camera for the fun and unforgettable memory [2.4] *Case by case, move to another site for the better stargazing experience (gloomy, rainy, or cloudy cirrocumulus night). Lastly, [3] Drop/Off to the hotel : 30minute