A new study has revealed that over half of all American citizens are interested in domestic travel for the foreseeable future. 

COVID-19 has changed the world’s relationship with travel. With the prospect of seeing somewhere new throwing up a sea of questions, how are people feeling about taking a trip? A newly released Allianz Travel survey looked at consumer behaviour on its website as well as responses to a questionnaire of 4300 people to gauge travelers’ intentions for booking trips of at least two nights that are more than 100 miles away from their homes. The majority of those surveyed (59%) said that they were eyeing up domestic destinations for their next trip, with 54% planning to fly while 42% said that they would opt to drive. 

When it comes to choosing accommodation, hotel and resorts proved to be the top choices for American travelers, with 47% of people looking to book properties compared to 27% who said that they would be staying with family or friends, while 11% said that they were looking into choosing short term rental homes. The survey also showed that prospective travelers are paying close attention to how well new cleaning procedures are being implemented across the travel industry.

Monument Valley Utah
Road trips have emerged as popular vacation choices since the outbreak of COVID-19 ©Putt Sakdhnagool/500px

“While the travel landscape is constantly changing, we’re finding that our customers are eager to safely hit the road to enjoy time together with their families,” said Joe Mason, Chief Marketing Officer at Allianz Partners. “While travel to foreign destinations is currently in flux, it’s a great time to fly or drive to rediscover the amazing destinations that America has to offer.”

Advanced sanitizing and a proven vaccine for COVID-19 were the top safety measures that customers said would make them feel comfortable enough to travel again, followed by health officials making an official announcement stating it is safe to vacation.

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