A company has launched a dynamic luggage range that sees suitcases folding down to a depth of just two inches, making it perfect for travellers that live in homes or apartments without much storage space.

Rollink luggage can fold down to two inches © Rollink

According to Rollink, their Flex collection contains the thinnest suitcases in the world. On the market at the moment is the Flex Earth, which have durable black polypropylene hard shells with multiple coloured accents, while the Flex Vega, featuring stylish pastel water resistant polycarbonate hard shells and the Flex Aura, a more luxury offering that folds down to 2.3 inches, will be available at some stage in the next year. 

According to Rollink, the company spent significant time developing luggage that offers additional benefits aside from transport, and said that they came up with the Flex line as a result. “We are focusing on developing smart luggage that will suit more the needs of the new travellers around the world. This advantage allows the user to store the luggage easily almost anywhere at home. Traditional luggage is being stored for 90% of its life, taking lots of place for no reason. Today when the cost for every square feet is expensive, there is no sense in wasting area for an items that most of its life is being stored,” a representative of the company told Lonely Planet. 

Rollink suitcase
The cases are also more transportable © Rollink

Another advantage of the Flex luggage range is that it can be packed in any other large- or medium-sized luggage as a second bag to take things back through on a return journey. This cuts down on baggage fees, as users would only have to pay for a second bag once. More information on Rollink’s Flex suitcases is available at the official website

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