Airports are often a necessary part of a travel, but are not always the most comfortable place to hang out. Unless of course, you have access to private terminals. Travelers lucky enough to pass through the private jet terminal at Westchester County Airport in White Plains, New York, can skip airport activities like wandering around looking for empty seats or a place to charge their phone, and instead relax in a terminal that looks more like a luxury ski chalet. 

Unlike the typical sterile airport experience, this lounge is designed to make passengers feel as if they are unwinding in a mountainside lodge. The lounge has leather seating, large stone-framed fireplaces, wood and rock features and overhanging chandeliers. Once inside, travelers can get a refreshment at the coffee bar and kick back as they wait for their flight, with baristas on hand to take orders. There's even a golf simulator where they can practice their swing and play a few holes.

Million Air terminal
The facility has conference rooms, a coffee bar and a gold simulator © Million Air

The first floor of the facility has a large conference room for business meetings and work, as well as a café and a luggage storage unit. On the second floor there is a lounge for pilots with sleep rooms, office spaces and two smaller conference rooms. Passengers can also make use of a sky lounge as they wait.   

Million Air private lounge
Guest can kick back in style and comfort © Million Air

The extravagant experience also includes a 6800-square foot drive-in valet service that has special climate control technology. The facility was built by Million Air, and took years and US$70 million to complete. The complex totals more than 82,000 square-feet of hangar space, and it’s even possible to catch glimpses of the aircraft through a partial curtain inside the gigantic site. The floors are heated to keep the planes and workers at a comfortable temperature. 

While the terminal is endlessly impressive, the luxury experience is likely out of reach for most travellers, so try not to think about it next time you're in a regular airport, desperately seeking Wi-Fi. 

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