As one would expect from a place that saw the rise of such an incredible civilisation like that of the Ancient Egyptians, Egypt seems to be an endless trove of archaeological treasures – like the almost sixty two-millennia-and-a-half-old sarcophagi, which were unearthed in perfect condition.

The oldest pyramid in the world is welcoming visitors once again

The latest discovery was made in Saqqara, an “antiquities area still revealing its secrets” and also the location of the oldest pyramid in the world, the Step Pyramid of Zoser. Excavations began in August and the first findings were announced in September, but the full array of treasures was presented to the public over the weekend, on Saturday October 3, in a press conference.

A close up to one of the sarcophagi unearthed in Saqqara
Fifty-nine wooden and richly decorated sarcophagi were recently unearthed by archaeologists in Saqqara © Ziad Ahmed / NurPhoto / Getty Images

Archaeologists discovered three burial wells 10 to 12 meters deep, containing 59 (for now, since it’s probable that more will be dug up) wooden sarcophagi and statues dating back to the 7th century BC and the 26th dynasty, so 2500 years ago.

A picture of the burial well were the sarcophagi were unearthed
The sarcophagi were discovered in three burial wells from 10 to 12 meters deep which probably hold more sarcophagi that still have to be excavated © Ziad Ahmed / NurPhoto / Getty Images

They have remained incredibly well preserved throughout the millennia, and one can still clearly see that they were richly decorated and painted as befitted the important people that were resting inside them. That’s because, as it was explained during the press conference, the sarcophagi seem to have belonged to priests, top officials and otherwise important people within the community.

A sarcophagus was also opened during the press conference
During the press conference, archaeologists also opened a sarcophagus and analysed the mummy within © Ziad Ahmed / NurPhoto / Getty Images

If you’d like to follow the excavation works and remain up to date with new discoveries, you can check out the official Facebook page of the Ministry for Tourism and Antiquities here.

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