Many people have been wondering what will happen to clubbing, gigging and partying in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, now that social distancing and interacting safely must take priority going forward. One creative studio may have come up with a solution.

A Micrashell PPE clubbing suit
This personal protective suit is designed to allow socialising without distancing © Production Club

Multi-disciplinary creative sudio, Production Club, specialises in designing and producing immersive experiences for the music, tech and gaming industries. It has created a personal protective suit (PPE) called Micrashell, that is designed to allow socialising without distancing. According to the designers, the suit was created as a socially responsible solution to safely allow people to interact in close proximity. It is hoped that the first batch will be available for testing in a few months.

Specifically designed to satisfy the needs of the nightlife, live events and entertainment industries, the suit is virus-shielded, fun to wear and disinfectable. It has an in-suit beverage and vape supply system, built-in speakers and smartphone integration, and it operates by two lithium-ion cell battery systems. The design comprises an air-tight top suit and helmet that covers the hands, arms, upper torso and head.

People wearing Micrashell PPE suits in a club
The suit is designed to satisfy the needs of the nightlife, live events and entertainment industries © Production Club

As it only covers the top part of the body, wearers can perform normal activities such as using the restroom while wearing the suit. It has a stiff shield to protect the eye area, while the rest of the helmet is made from a softer material to allow neck movements. There are chambers positioned on the chest underneath the helmet to allow users to safely consume drinks and vape via "easy-snap" sealed canisters.

People wearing Micrashell PPE suits in a club
The suit only covers the top end of the body © Production Club

“We believe events are essential to the human experience and create the memories that define our lives," says Production Club's head of special projects, Corey Johnson. "While we might not see a Coachella-sized event for some time, we are excited by the challenge to create innovative solutions to push forward quality live entertainment and human connection.

For further information, see Production Club's website here.

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