Hotels in Hawaii have come up with a way of enforcing the mandatory 14-day self-quarantine rule for visitors entering the country. They are helping to ensure that guests comply with the regulation by giving them a single use key when they check in.

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The self-quarantine requirement is a measure implemented to help flatten the COVID-19 curve is flattening, and the state has introduced a four-phase plan for re-opening. Up to 30 June, visitors and locals arriving in the state have to quarantine for two weeks before being granted the freedom to explore. This applies to island-hopping as well, so those who have quarantined on one island have to repeat the experience if they move to another one.

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They are not permitted to leave their rooms other than for medical emergencies, and food must be delivered to them. To facilitate this, all but four Hawaiian hotels are giving guests a single-use key when they check in, that won't work if they leave the room and try to get back in. If they break the rule, hotel staff can report them to authorities. Two of the hotels who are not participating have opted out because they use physical keys rather than electronic ones.

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Visitors arriving in the state must also undergo a health screening, and have to sign an order to confirm they are aware of the self-quarantine requirement and understand that violating it is a criminal offence. They have to confirm where they're staying and acknowledge that they understand that not adhering to the rules can result in a $5000 (€4577) fine and a year in prison. Law enforcement officials are taking any breaches very seriously and are publically searching for anyone breaching the conditions.

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The single-key rule reminds guests that the way to get through the quarantine period is to stay in their hotel room, and enjoy the room service and view from the window or balcony.

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