Many of us turn to popular search engine Google when searching for answers to travel queries, and we were interested in the results of its annual Year in Search data for 2020. This data shows the top trending searches in the US from the trillions of searches that defined the past year.

While “coronavirus” was the top trending search worldwide, the pandemic has obviously had an impact on the trending travel questions this year. Questions that were asked repeatedly included “where can Americans travel right now?” and “when will international travel resume?” People searched for answers to questions around “is it safe to travel?” as well as specific questions around whether Mexico and Hawaii were open for travel. They were also curious about “when will travel restrictions be lifted?"

When we weren’t finding new recipes or trimming our own bangs, we explored virtual ways to stay entertained and connected. Top trending searches around the world "virtual" included field trips, museum tours and tours, as we searched for travel experiences in online formats. "For nearly 20 years, as the year comes to a close, Google has shared the top questions, moments and individuals that inspired the world to search," says Nelly Kennedy, brand editorial director at Google.

The best virtual tours to explore the world from home

"Rooted in Google Trends data, our annual Year in Search captures the essence of a year. In 2020, we asked “how to change the world” twice as much as “how to go back to normal,” and “how to be anti-racist” was searched more than “how to become a millionaire.” Each year, the searches that are the backbone of Year in Search illuminate a larger story. In 2020, it was the story of deep questioning, as the world searched “why” more than any other time in history."

To see the full set of trending searches for 2020, check out the list here.

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