First it was the penguins; now, an adorable pair of puppies has been turned loose in a visitor-free aquarium, and once again, the cuteness factor is undeniable. 

Two puppies from the Humane Society in front of a tank at the Georgia Aquarium
This week, siblings Carmel and Odie took a field trip to the Georgia Aquarium © Georgia Aquarium

This week, the Atlanta Humane Society took brother Odie and sister Carmel out for some fun at the Georgia Aquarium, where the tiny pups explored the tanks, played a bit, and squeezed in at least one nap before calling it a day.

They had the run of the place as it’s closed to the general public during the pandemic, and the Ocean Voyager gallery was a particular hit, thanks to a 100-foot-long acrylic tunnel that offered plenty of room to stretch their legs, not to mention the collection of whale sharks, manta rays, and goliath grouper offering a constant stream of entertainment behind the giant viewing window. 

“Our puppies just had the best. day. ever,” the Humane Society reported on Facebook. “They made all sorts of exciting discoveries and lots of new friends!” 

“Puppies + Ocean Voyager = Quarantine therapy 🐶🥰🐟” the aquarium posted in return. “It was such a ruff day 😉”

The eight-week-old Jack Russell terrier mixes are just two of the Atlanta Humane Society’s 200-plus dogs in foster homes, and though that facility is also closed, its staff and volunteers are working to ensure their animals are all taken care of during the crisis. 

Two puppies asleep in front of a tank at the Georgia Aquarium
The young pups had "a ruff day," the aquarium quipped in a Facebook post © Georgia Aquarium

“This week our Community Outreach Team has distributed 1200 pounds of dry dog and cat food, 1200 cans of wet food, a pallet of dental chews, and cat litter/pine straw bedding to our community partners,” the Humane Society posted on Facebook. “This food will help support animals and people in need during these difficult times, and we're proud to help in any way we can.”

For its part, the Georgia Aquarium’s trainers, aquarists, and veterinarians have continued to provide round-the-clock care to the animals in residence since it shut to the public on March 14, with webcams – jellyfish, sea otters, and yes, penguins – offering a glimpse of the goings-on behind closed doors. 

To support the aquarium during the closure, visit To purchase pet food and supplies for the Humane Society, visit

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