If you’ve ever dreamed of quitting your job and travelling the world, this coffee company has the perfect position for you. 

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Cold press coffee company SToK want to help three people realise their travel dream © Thomas Barwick

Launched by US-based cold brew specialists SToK, the SToK-bbatical is searching for three hopefuls to take a much-needed break from work in order to live out their dreams. The company will pay each candidate US$30,000 in order to help them realise their visions, with US$20,000 going towards expenses such as flights and lodging as well as a US$10,000 stipend. The two – four week sabbaticals must be taken during the periods from 1 October to 15 December 2019, and the perfect candidates will be social-media savvy and able to document their once-in-a-lifetime experiences with photos, videos and engaging posts.

“We believe in turning passions into actions. What better way to showcase this than by fuelling the passions of three hopefuls to truly live out their dreams as if it were their actual jobs! We’re taking the traditional sabbatical and adding a little bolt of lightning to it. The reaction has been amazing. Everybody has a dream they want to pursue if they weren’t tied down by life’s obligations, and we’re seeing this come through in the submissions process,” a representative of SToK told Lonely Planet.

The company has even created a special resignation letter that candidates can download and send to their employers (at their own risk) that states, “I will be taking some time off and totally firing myself (but not really) from my job. Yes, I’m firing myself to go on a sponsored sabbatical. What a time to be alive.” SToK said that the interest in the job offer has been high, with people from all over the country applying for the position.

Applications are open until 2 September and can be submitted via the Stok-battical website.

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