If you are looking for a new adventure or fresh beginning, Topeka in Kansas has launched a remote working incentive program to encourage people to move there.

The Choose Topeka Relocation Initiative has been established by economic development organization, Go Topeka, and it is offering remote employees up to $10,000 (€8424) toward the purchase of a home in Topeka or Shawnee County, or $5000 (€4213) toward a one-year lease in the region.

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It is an expansion of the 2019 employer-led program that requires interested parties to move there and take a job with a Topeka-based company. According to Choose Topeka, one attraction for those considering relocating there is that Topeka’s cost of living is 10% below the national average. The average cost of a single family home is $125,000 (€105,304) and average monthly rent, including utilities, is $762 (€642).

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To show them what's on offer, Choose Topeka's website has a comprehensive guide to real estate, rentals, education, sports, culture, retail and attractions in the region. It is home to five breweries and 39 Mexican food restaurants, and there are more than 30 miles of paved paths and 27 miles of trails. Its emerging arts district in historic North Topeka is a bright spot with eclectic shops, galleries and restaurants.

With the COVID-19 pandemic facilitating many employees carrying out their duties from home, it is probably a good time for remote workers to investigate the possibility of relocating. Several locations worldwide have launched similar initiatives, recognising that a swathe of employees are freer to work outside the office than they were previously.

Further information is available on the Choose Topeka Relocation Initiative is available on the website here.

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