The past few months have seen people around the world becoming much more aware of cleanliness and sanitation practices, especially when it comes to common items that are touched and used very frequently. For the majority of us, the number one item that gets our attention from day to day is our smartphone. While nothing beats practising good hand hygiene by washing properly, one company has created a line of antimicrobial cases that help fight germs commonly picked up on different surfaces.

Created by Speck, the majority of the company’s phone cases come with integrated antimicrobial Microban technology. The Presidio Pro and Presidio Grip are the newest additions and join a line of phones that come in different colours and finishes. 

Speck iphone case.jpg
The cases can also withstand falls from up to 13 feet © Speck

“Microban is proven to give a 99% reduction in bacteria on the case for a cleaner surface and provides lifetime protection against stain and odour-causing bacteria. Having antimicrobial protection gives consumers peace of mind that their phone case is cleaner beyond what is visible to the naked eye by targeting the invisible microbes that contaminate surfaces. We’re seeing continued interest in our Microban products as of late,” a spokesperson for Speck told Lonely Planet.

The line of Presidio cases has also been tested to resist damage on drops of up to 13 feet  and it has a protective material on the inside of the case that provides a shock barrier that compresses and disperses force upon impact. They are also scratch-resistant and have a raised screen protector.  

Cases have been created for a range of iPhone models, as well as Samsung Galaxy, LG, Google, Motorola and OnePlus.

More information on the products is available at the official Speck website.

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