Many people around the world have been struggling to stay busy and entertained as countries continue to uphold self-isolation measures for the safety of the public and to stop the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus). One creative man has caused a stir on social media however by creating a hilarious “flight experience” video with the help of a washing machine.

flight tik tok
Jeroen Gortworst taking flight from his laundry room @jeroengortworst

Inspired by a trend that he had seen on the social media app TikTok, Jeroen Gortworst recently shared a short clip of himself from his own home pretending to be on an airplane. The video begins with a shot of what looks like an airplane wing as seen through the glass from a passenger’s seat, as an announcement regarding take-off is heard from a captain. The shot zooms out however to reveal an iPad inside a washing machine, with Jeroen sitting on the floor beside it sipping white wine. A cardboard folder is used as a tray table, and Jeroen even has his passport ready to go in the clip. 


Quarantine day 14 got me like... 😩😂 ##fy ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage

♬ origineel geluid - jeroengortworst

“My laundry machine kind of looks like an airplane window, and every time I am washing my clothes now I imagine I am on some tropical island. I spent ten minutes dressing the set with all props together with my boyfriend. We filmed it three times, with the final one being the clip that went online,” Jeroen told Lonely Planet. 

The video clocked up 40,000 views on TikTok, before being posted on Facebook and being viewed over six million times. “I am really surprised it got so much attention. People told me that they had a good laugh. I can’t believe how many people saw it, even famous people like Oprah and Ice-T! It feels so out of this world that they know what my washing area looks like.”

The trend has seen other people creating similar videos, with shots zooming out to show people in funny situations and poses.

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