Orepuki Beach

Fiordland & Southland

Dubbed 'Gemstone Beach' for the slivers of quartz and garnet that supposedly churn ashore, Orepuki Beach is more likely to reveal smooth pebbles and sunbathing seals than semi-precious stones.

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1. Monkey Island

1.64 MILES

A former Māori whaling lookout, this grassy islet lies just metres off shore and is accessible at low tide. It's 4km southeast of Orepuki.

2. McCracken's Rest

4.49 MILES

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3. Bushman's Museum

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Sharing a building with the Tuatapere Hump Ridge Track Information Centre, this modest museum features rusting relics and photographic records of the area…

4. Te Hikoi Southern Journey

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Oh, that all small-town museums could be this good! The riveting Riverton museum starts with a 16-minute film about Pākehā sealer Jack Price and his Māori…

5. Clifden Suspension Bridge

17.11 MILES

Spanning the Waiau River about 12km north of Tuatapere, this suspension bridge, completed in 1899, is the longest of its kind in NZ. Its 15m-high concrete…

6. Oreti Beach

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Ten kilometres southwest of city centre Invercargill, this 26km sandy beach invites brisk walks and bike rides. Southland racing legend Burt Munro once…