Here's your chance to catch a salmon and have it smoked for lunch or prepared as super-fresh sashimi. Rods and instructions are provided, but the fish pretty well catch themselves anyway. Other attractions beyond fishing include hand-feeding tame eels, a petting zoo for the kids and minigolf. There's no entrance fee, but expect to pay around $40 to $55 for your salmon.

Salmon snacks and platters (from $21) are available at the Salmon Cafe.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Takaka attractions

1. Te Waikoropupū Springs

2.43 MILES

Around 14,000L of water per second bubble up from underground vents here, making it the largest freshwater spring in the southern hemisphere. It's also…

2. Golden Bay Museum

2.68 MILES

This small museum's standout exhibits include a diorama depicting Abel Tasman’s 1642 landing, and some dubious human taxidermy. Ask about the albatross,…

3. Rawhiti Cave

5.18 MILES

The ultimate in geological eye-candy around these parts are the phytokarst features of Rawhiti Cave, a 15-minute drive from Takaka (reached via Motupipi,…

4. Grove Scenic Reserve

5.95 MILES

Between Pōhara and Takaka (signposted down Clifton Rd), you will find this crazy limestone maze punctuated by gnarled old rata trees and tall pencil-thin…

5. Ngarua Caves

11.74 MILES

Just below the summit of Takaka Hill are the Ngarua Caves, a rock-solid attraction, where you can see myriad subterranean delights including moa bones…

6. Skinner Point Lookout

13.17 MILES

Beautiful views across Waiharakeke Bay to Awaroa Head, and the long, golden beach of Totaranui can be enjoyed at the Skinner Point lookout.

7. Separation Point Lookout

13.95 MILES

The lookout at Separation Point, at the northern end of Abel Tasman National Park, has panoramic views of Golden Bay and the Tasman Sea.

8. Cleopatra’s Pool

14.71 MILES

A short detour off the Abel Tasman Coast Track between Torrent Bay and Anchorage is Cleopatra's Pool, a beautiful natural rock pool and moss-lined slide.