Tjibaou Cultural Centre.

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Tjibaou Cultural Centre


The cultural centre is a tribute to a pro-independence Kanak leader Jean-Marie Tjibaou, who was assassinated in 1989. It sits in a peaceful woodland and mangrove setting on Tina Peninsula. Displays include sculpture, paintings and photographs representing Kanak culture, as well as other cultures from around the Pacific. The main buildings are a series of tall, curved wooden structures which rise majestically above the trees.

The harmony between this contemporary architecture (designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano, who also designed Paris’ Pompidou Centre) and the surrounding landscape is amazing. Behind the main building are traditional grandes cases; Kanak dance shows are held every Tuesday and Thursday at 2.30pm (2500 CFP). City bus 40 and the Noumea Explorer bus run regularly to the centre.

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