Ram Mandir & Danush Sagar

The Terai & Mahabharat Range

Hidden away in a stone courtyard southeast of the Janaki Mandir, the Ram Mandir is the oldest temple in Janakpur (1782) and built in the classic tiered pagoda style of the hills. The main temple is dedicated to Rama but there are several smaller shrines to Shiva, Hanuman and Durga dotted around the compound. It’s busiest in the early evening, when the courtyard is filled with incense smoke and music.

Opposite the entrance are a series of ghats (steps for ritual bathing) leading down into the Danush Sagar, the largest ceremonial tank at Janakpur. There are small shrines all around the perimeter, and vendors in front sell flower garlands, tika powder, sacred threads and other ritual objects for pujas (prayers).

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