Old Pokhara


For a glimpse of what Pokhara was like before the traffic, chaos and tourist restaurants besieged the erstwhile village, head out to the old town, north of the bustling Mahendra Pul. The best way to explore is on foot.

From the Nepal Telecom building at Mahendra Pul, head northwest along Tersapati, passing a number of religious shops selling Hindu and Buddhist paraphernalia. At the intersection with Nala Mukh, check out the Newari houses with decorative brickwork and ornately carved wooden windows.

Continue north on Bhairab Tole to reach the small two-tiered Bhimsen Temple, a 200-year-old shrine to the Newari god of trade and commerce, decorated with erotic carvings. The surrounding square is full of shops selling baskets and ceramics.

About 200m further north is a small hill, topped by the ancient Bindhya Basini Temple. Founded in the 17th century, the temple is sacred to Durga, the warlike incarnation of Parvati, worshipped here in the form of a saligram.

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Nearby Pokhara attractions

1. Bhimsen Temple


This small, 200-year-old, two-tiered temple is dedicated to the Newari god of trade and commerce. It's decorated with erotic carvings, and the surrounding…

2. Bindhya Basini Temple


The ancient Bindhya Basini Temple sits atop a small hill in Old Pokhara. Founded in the 17th century, the temple is sacred to Durga, the warlike…

3. Seti River Gorge

0.82 MILES

The roaring Seti River passes right through Pokhara, but you won’t see it unless you go looking. The river has carved a deep, narrow chasm through the…

4. Gurkha Museum

0.84 MILES

Located just north of Mahendra Pul, near the KI Singh Bridge, the Gurkha Museum celebrates the achievements of the renowned Gurkha regiments. Accompanied…

5. Pokhara Regional Museum

1.16 MILES

North of the bus station on the road to Mahendra Pul, this little museum is devoted to the history and culture of the Pokhara Valley, including the…

7. Phewa Tal

2.45 MILES

Phewa Tal is the travellers’ focal point in Pokhara, and is the second largest lake in Nepal. In contrast to the gaudy tourist development of Lakeside,…

8. Varahi Mandir

2.75 MILES

Pokhara’s most famous Hindu temple, the two-tiered pagoda-style Varahi Mandir stands on a small island in Phewa Tal, near the former Ratna Mandir (Royal…