Old Post Office


An attractive architectural landmark.

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Nearby Lüderitz attractions

1. Lüderitz Museum

0.15 MILES

This museum contains information on the town’s history, including displays on natural history, local indigenous groups and the diamond-mining industry…

2. Felsenkirche

0.21 MILES

The prominent Evangelical Lutheran church dominates Lüderitz from high on Diamond Hill. It was designed by Albert Bause, who implemented the Victorian…

3. Goerke Haus

0.22 MILES

The sheer scale of Goerke Haus and the way it blends into the rock face is very impressive. Originally the home of Lieutenant Hans Goerke, and designed by…

5. Kolmanskop

6.11 MILES

Named after early Afrikaner trekker Jani Kolman, whose ox wagon became bogged in the sand here, Kolmanskop was originally constructed as the Consolidated…