The historical animosity between the Nama and the Herero had its most emphatic expression at the Battle of Moordkoppie (Afrikaans for ‘Murder Hill’) on 23 August 1850. During the battle, 700 Herero under the command of chief Katjihene were massacred by Nama forces. Half of the victims were women and children, whose bodies were dismembered for the copper bangles on their arms and legs. The scene of this tragedy was a small rocky hill near the centre of town between the B2 and the railway line, 500m north of the Gross Barmen turn-off.

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1. German Fort

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The German fort was built in the 19th century and is an important local landmark.

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In the churchyard and across the road from the 1876 Friedenskirche are the graves of several historical figures, including Herero leader Willem Maherero,…