Museum in Commemoration of Opium-Free in Special Region 4

Eastern Myanmar

In 1997 Mong La's ethnic militia ruler declared the region 'drug-free', and this surreal, temple-like museum was opened with much fanfare in a not very convincing attempt to prove that. Dusty, neglected and staff-free, the museum doesn't appear to have been touched since then. In addition to photos, maps and drug paraphernalia, you'll find creepy life-sized dioramas: one shows long-haired, jeans- and leather jacket–wearing Myanmar youth taking heroin, before being reformed into short-haired, longyi-clad respectable citizens.

Students of Myanmar history will be intrigued to see how many senior generals from the former junta – including Than Shwe and Khin Nyunt – appear in the photos here, alongside allegedly contrite drug lords and CIA and DEA agents.

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