When you get to the end of Avenida Eduardo Mondlane, stop and take in the view of the world's third-largest natural harbour.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Pemba attractions

1. Cemetery

0.57 MILES

Up on the hill behind the governor’s mansion is a large cemetery, with fragrant frangipani trees shading the Christian and Muslim graves. Close to the sea…

2. Paquitequete

0.85 MILES

If you only visit one of Pemba's bairros (townships), make sure it's Paquitequete, located beside the bay downhill from the centre. Dominated by its…

3. Fish Market

0.93 MILES

At the Paquitequete neighbourhood’s northern edge is a small fish market – it's a good place to drink in a bit of the local Mozambican spirit.

4. Wimbi Beach

3.17 MILES

Pemba is all about Wimbi Beach, located 4km east of the downtown area. The attractive arc of sand is backed by a varied but never oppressive collection of…