Monday Souq

Anti Atlas Mountains

The village comes to life during the Monday souq, near Auberge Le Safran.

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Nearby Anti Atlas Mountains attractions

1. Calligraphie Tifinaghe


Poet and calligrapher Moulid Nidouissadan paints Amazigh (Berber) proverbs and colourful compositions from natural inks. Free to every visitor is a…

2. Dar Azaafaran

0.52 MILES

This modern information centre is devoted to l'or rouge – red gold, the nickname for saffron – with a small museum, saffron for sale by local cooperatives…

3. Glaoui Kasbah

0.56 MILES

Gazing at the brown hills, the kasbah is mostly disintegrating, but it makes a pleasant sunset stroll. It's best experienced by spending the night at…