Khökh Nuur

Western Mongolia

This pretty alpine lake is surrounded by mountains and makes a great destination on foot or by horse from Tarialan; the trip is about 15km up Davaan Uliastai (one valley north of Kharkhiraa Gol). It’s possible for a car to reach the lake in a very roundabout manner (120km), though only an experienced driver could do it; the route involves driving up Ulaan Davaa (from Ulaangom), sweeping around the mountains close to Üüreg Nuur, and then heading southeast.

Trekkers can continue from the lake for 25km to the glacier-wrapped Türgen Uul. The walk takes about two days through a harsh landscape of prairie, mountains, glaciers and rivers, but the topography is wide open so it’s fairly easy to navigate. There are good camping spots (what3words: establishment.originate.awakens) along the Türgen Gol, near the northern base of Türgen Uul.

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Nearby Western Mongolia attractions

1. Naadam Stadium


A typical rural naadam set-up consisting of a wrestling field, podium and ramshackle grandstand.

2. Ulaan Uulyn Rashaan

17.17 MILES

Just outside of town on the south side of Ulaan Uul (Red Mountain), a small spring draws a steady crowd of picnicking locals who come here to drink the…

3. Ulaan Uul

17.37 MILES

Climb the hundred or so steps up Ulaan Uul (Red Mountain) to an ovoo (a shamanistic collection of stones, wood or other offerings to the gods) and a…

4. Uvs Aimag Museum

18.57 MILES

This okay museum has the usual dusty exhibits, plus a section on the 16th-century Oirad leader Amarsanaa (the chain-mail jacket is supposedly his). There…

5. Dechinravjaalin Khiid

18.76 MILES

Dechinravjaalin Khiid was originally founded in 1738 and housed seven temples and 2000 monks; the place was pulverised in 1937, thanks to Stalin. Its…

6. Old Airport

18.78 MILES

The vestiges of the former airport can be seen on the east side of town (the newer airport is several km out of town to the west).

7. Balbal Graves

23.86 MILES

These two graves, plonked incongruously on the grassy plain that runs down to the shore of Üüreg Nuur from OT Tour Camp, are each marked by a balbal …