Burial Mounds

Western Mongolia

A few hundred metres further up the valley from the caves are some burial mounds; to the uninitiated, these would appear to be nothing more than piles of rocks.

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Nearby Western Mongolia attractions

1. Petroglyphs

0.08 MILES

These petroglyphs, on a rise just behind the burial mounds, feature dozens of etched figures, including some of antelopes and even tigers.

2. Tsenkheriin Agui

0.96 MILES

This huge cave looks deceptively small from the parking area. But once you scramble up the loose rock path, you realise its true size and how it must have…

3. Mankhan Nature Reserve

23.84 MILES

South of Khar Us Nuur National Park, most of this reserve (300 sq km) lies in Mankhan sum (district) and protects the endangered Mongolian saiga antelope.

4. Chinggis Khaan's Wall

27.72 MILES

This barely discernible hump running along the southwestern edge of Khar Us Nuur is thought to date back to the Kublai Khaan period, when it may have…