Baruun-Urt Ethnography Museum

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Baruun-Urt’s museum has a fine collection of costumes representing the three ethnic groups that inhabit the region: the Khalkh (the majority), the Dariganga (around 30,000 live in the south of Sükhbaatar aimag) and the Uzemchin (about 2000 live in Dornod and Sükhbaatar aimags). Look out for a brass-studded Uzemchin wrestling jacket.

There are also beautiful crafts made by Dariganga’s renowned silversmiths and blacksmiths, stuffed gazelle, and two rooms dedicated to the famed poet, author and politician Ochirbatyn Dashbalbar (1957–99).

The museum is located just past the drama theatre, 400m south and then right of the square.

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