Though not worth detouring wildly for, if you're here already, three of the town’s original 12 Maya pyramids have been partially restored. The largest (and the third largest in Yucatán) is the 34m-high Kinich-Kakmó, three blocks north of the monastery. Legend has it that a deity in the form of a blazing macaw would swoop down from the heavens to collect offerings left here.

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1. Centro Cultural y Artesanal

0.25 MILES

Just across the square from the monastery, this cultural center and museum showcases popular art from around Mexico. Explanatory cards in English give an…

2. Convento de San Antonio de Padua

0.27 MILES

When the Spaniards conquered Izamal, they destroyed the major Maya temple, the Ppapp-Hol-Chac pyramid, and in 1533 began to build from its stones one of…